Database vs Cards

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Oct 14 00:49:01 EDT 2002

Troy brings up a couple of interesting points:

> Our applications may have one or two cards in total, probably
> just due to the way we think about scripting and application construction.
> But we do store lots of info in the way Richard is describing, and then
> populate a single card with that info on demand. I'm not sure it is the
> right way, or the best way, but it sure works better for us than
> managing a
> ton of cards (which I can't get my head around.)

I myself came from a HyperCard/SuperCard then VB background. And like Troy,
most projects I work on contain only a couple of cards...typically the first
card (the interface) with a second card for graphics used as icons on cd 1.
Only when I create wizards do I use more than one card in a stack. Data
structures are almost always arrays, custom properties, text field/files
and/or other single card stacks. Tab controls only show and hide groups.

I never liked storing data in cards because it was very slow to access in
SuperCard. In fact, we created our own XCMD's (BlitPict) to display graphics
just to increase the speed. I'm interested in how others use cards???


-Chipp Walters

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