Anyone know how to prevent this type mismatch error?

Sarah sarahr at
Sun Oct 13 18:27:01 CDT 2002

Hi Rob,

I tested this script on OS 9.2 and it worked fine, but I think the 
problem may be that this line has lost it's last word due to the text 
wrap of the email. Make sure the "then" is on this line rather than on 
a line of it's own.

I couldn't get any of this to work for OS X. If it works in X then I 
think it is still only looking at the Classic network setup rather than 
X's setup.


On Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 08:57  am, RGould8 at wrote:

> Sarah - - - thanks so much for this script.  I've hit one stumbling 
> block that's keeping it from running, and no one seems to know how to 
> fix it - - - was wondering if someone on this list might:
> The problem is with this line:
> if (class of configuration i of config) is (TCPIP v4 configuration)
> appleScript is complaining of a type mismatch problem.  I thought 
> perhaps putting
> if (class of configuration i of config) as string is (TCPIP v4 
> configuration)
> might fix the problem, but that gave me a syntax error.  I've only 
> been scripting for about 2 months.  Would anyone happen to know how to 
> solve such type-matching errors?  The impression I get is that you 
> can't compare a string to a class.
> - Rob

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