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Simon Forster simon-lists at
Sun Oct 13 15:26:00 EDT 2002


For quite Sunday night education I thought I'd run through the Rev 

Geometry Manager.


"First, choose “Don't Move” from the Top menu in the Geometry Manager."

What "Don't Move? What Top menu? (Or am I being particularly dense, 
blind or both?) Mac OS X 10.2. This seems to be missing. Also, the 
palette has truncated text. (I have turned on Mac OS Emulated in View 
but toggling between these 2 modes seems to make no difference).

And is it just me or are the results from "Geometry Manager" somewhat 

Oh well, while I'm banging on, the Animation tutorial threw up some 
interesting behaviour too. The text field just disappeared. I had to 
quit out of the environment and restart it.

So far, I love the idea of Rev but its execution seems to be 
frightfully buggy.

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