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On Sunday, Oct 13, 2002, at 10:20 Australia/Sydney, Alan Gayne wrote:

> Hi to Ken, David, Jan, Yves and all others who responded to Tim Hart's 
> questions regarding the techniques for saving data generated out of 
> standalone apps built in RunRev.


Troy and Ken seem to me to have given good answers to your questions so 
I have little to add at the moment. Like Ken, I have used HC since 1.0 
and still have one major app I have yet to transfer. However, I know 
now that it will be very different when I rewrite it in Rev because I 
am better adapted to Rev's paradigm. As Troy suggested and you seem to 
have absorbed, one of the early tasks is to shift gears on what an app 
constitutes in the different environments.

On one other matter, since you mentioned me by name in one piece of 
advice, I must offer a small mea culpa: one person's "considerable 
guidance" may be another person's "would you mind not assuming I know 
the answer before I read it?" The section to which I referred plus that 
on Objects and Messages does cover these issues but perhaps more as an 
introduction to experiments to understand than as a complete guidance. 
Still, this thread and the list archives do cover these issues and 
there are many here who will follow Ken and Troy in offering further 
assistance when you need it. Hope your conversions go well for you.

> Coda:
> So there it is (for now).  I'm sorry to have been so long winded but I 
> wanted make my questions sufficiently detailed so that the members of 
> the list would know exactly the kind of help I was looking for.
> Thanks in advance for your patience and help.
> Alan Gayne	
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