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Gareth Jones gslj at
Sun Oct 13 02:15:01 EDT 2002

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll look into that one :-)


>--- Gareth Jones <gslj at> wrote:
>>  Hello, everyone
>>  I've been reading about a command-line program that
>>  Apple included
>>  with OS X called "ditto." It has all the
>>  capabilities needed for a
>>  nice backup program. Revolution, on the other hand,
>>  has all the GUI
>>  needed to make a nice front end for it. Is there
>>  some way to send a
>>  command from Revolution to a command-line program
>>  like ditto?
>>  -Gareth Jones
>Hi Gareth,
>Check out the 'shell' function in the Transcript
>dictionary. This allows you to send command line
>instructions. Example:
>   get shell("ls -l -a")
>Should get you a directory listing, much like the
>"list" view in the Finder, even listing the hidden
>files (starting with a period).
>Hope this helped,
>Jan Schenkel.
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