ODBC connectivity in CGI

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 13 02:06:01 EDT 2002

--- Sjoerd Op 't Land
<sjoerdoptland at s2theatertechniek.nl> wrote:
> Did anyone manage to let a MetaTalk/Transcript
> CGI-script talk to an ODBC
> database?
> I would think of a continuous running standalone
> that talks to the database
> when it gets a command for that from a CGI-script.
> Did anyone make such a
> standalone already? Or another solution?
> Thanks in advance for everything that might help,
> Sjoerd

Hoi Sjoerd,

On the RunRev newbie forum Gary Rathbone posted a copy
of a modified MCHttpD-stack. This stack serves
web-pages and built-in cgi-scripts, not using the
separate engine that MC/RR provide on their wesites.
I had already been thinking of transforming that into
a full-blown SOAP-server, but I have more ideas than
time unfortunately.
At any rate, you could build a standalone of this,
with all the necessary libraries, make the connections
to the database on startup time, and reply to the
cgi-requests from within the stack.

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

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