A good project for Rev?

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Sun Oct 13 01:13:01 EDT 2002

Hello group,

I do landscape maintainance in the season. One of my
accounts is a resort that has never had a landscape
maintainance management program, the results of which is
that much of it fell into a weedy, tangled, out-of control
mess before I got to it. They once tried to put 2000 trout
into the pond...guess what happened...

I'm getting software for dealing with my business, but
_they_ need some simple documentation. Vertical aerial views
of the property with plat overlays showing the undergound
wiring, irrigation plumbing, outdoor lighting, permanent
tree and shrub identifiers, curtain drains, and, especially,
the pond. Then I'll need to tie all those elements (and
more) to maintainance schedules and product guides
(fertilizers, nutrient and pest prevention ammendments,
etc.), labor, equipment, and supply costs.

This stuff will be repleat with photos, area maps, notes and
suggestions, historical documentation (dates and kinds of
fertilizer applications to specific areas, for example).

What I'll need to do is deal with stuff in my landscape
software, then pass pertinent info to their Rev app to keep
it updated. That could be done online, I think. No deep dark
secrets going on.   

That's probably way more detail than you wanted to see, but
do you think it would make a good Rev project?

Ken N.

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