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Many thanks for the prompt response and the good idea about creating my 
own player standalone.  That seems like a very good start toward my 
formulating a strategy more in keeping with the RunRev paradigm rather 
than my old HC framework.

Kind regard,

On Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 09:02  PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> On 10/12/02 8:20 PM, "Alan Gayne" <alanIra9 at> wrote:
>> I have also noted that whenever I first start Revolution the 
>> application
>> opens with the Pointer tool as the default setting.  What's going on
>> here?  Is there a simple way to make double-clicking on a stack open 
>> the
>> Revolution application with the browse tool selected as the default
>> setting?  What I'm trying to achieve is to have Revolution open in a
>> mode roughly equivalent to the "Typing" or "Painting" user level 
>> setting
>> in Hypercard.  The idea here is to perhaps be able to use a Starter Kit
>> version of RunRev as runtime engine for stacks that have not been built
>> as standalone applications - but not to give unauthorized users the
>> capability of mucking around with the inner workings.
> Wow Alan,
> That is a lot for one post. Let me preface by saying I have no Hypercard
> experience at all, so seeing your questions only makes me say "oh, it 
> must
> appear so similar that people mistake it for the same thing." So, 
> first -
> don't do that. While Rev shares a lot with HC (from what I've read) it
> really does want to work a bit differently. At least at the publishing 
> and
> distribution phase.
> So, I'm not going to tackle all of your questions, at least not in this
> email, but I'll start with this one.
> I don't think using the starter kit as an engine for the clients is a 
> good
> idea. There is no need to do so, and it serves them no advantage, 
> unless you
> intend for them to edit your program. You can easily build a "player 
> app" of
> your own, or simply distribute standalones. There really is nothing to 
> it.
> You could do something as simple as create a stack that does nothing but
> open a dialog which says "What stack do you want to run?" and allows the
> users to select a stack file. That stack file would then be put into a 
> "open
> stack" message internally in your player. Build your player as a 
> standalone,
> and voila - instant player app. Really nothing to it, and it avoids your
> messy starter kit problems entirely.
> In addition - now, you see, that stack that you are running? It is an
> external stack that is NOT the standalone... you see where this is 
> going?
> You can save THAT file. You can save its properties, and field data 
> with a
> simple save stack command.
> I think that your problems are more the fact that you need to let some 
> of
> what you have learned before go. The scripting knowledge all still 
> holds -
> the distribution methods are new. Perhaps give what I've described 
> here a
> try, and let us know what parts are still hanging you up. I'll bet the 
> light
> comes on, and you are off to the races before you know it.
> Cheers.
> --
> Troy
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