The Transcendental GUI (was a thread from REALbasic vs. Revolution)

miscdas at miscdas at
Sat Oct 12 15:55:01 EDT 2002


So no keyboard driven options?  I am a touch typist, and have little love 
for the mouse. I find it particularly annoying that much of the Web REQUIRES 
mouse actions. I make use of keyboard shortcuts (when available) in all my 
apps. I wish all of them had easy keyboard navigation as well as keyboard 
menu shortcuts. 

Rob Cozens writes:
> 3.  My application has a limited market (wineries) 
> What I have done is to reduce a very complicated activity into a series of point and click actions that can be completed without typing on the 
> keyboard.  Looking at competitors' products, I don't think the 
> functionality can be replicated in a standard menu-driven application 
> without suffering significant setbacks in ease of learning, navigation, 
> and use.

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