Speech with Windows XP

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at interisland.net
Sat Oct 12 02:23:00 EDT 2002

Hello Curry

I'll be following this with great interest. Many of my intended users have
vision, speech and motor deficits. I D/L'd a TTS program for my Windows
machine a couple months ago (cost $$ and has only one voice...you can get
more for more $$...stuff that has come with Mac OS' for a long time), but I
haven't a clue how to get it to work with a Rev-built app. One of the goals
is for a speech deficited user to be able to hold a synthesized voice phone
conversation from an onscreen keyboard. Like you mentioned, it's really not
much problem with a Mac, but Windows is a real challenge.

Ken N.
on 10/11/02 11:24 PM, curry at curry at kagi.com wrote:

> A thousand pardons for two posts on the same topic, but with all the
> sensational Rev vs. Real stuff sizzling on the list, maybe some of
> the plainer topics don't stand out.
> I have several projects that need speech, and on Mac that's no
> problem. On Windows, it was no problem either until XP came along,
> and from Microsoft's website it looks like the Speech SAPI that the
> Windows speech external uses only works up to Win2000. If that's
> correct, then I'm wondering about a fairly easy way to use speech on
> Windows XP.
> I assume there are surely some Revolution users who use
> text-to-speech in cross-platform projects?  I would really appreciate
> your tips if anyone knows a good way.
> Whether it is a DLL or some type of helper app (that can be
> distributed) or interapplication communication, doesn't matter that
> much to me as long as it's not too  clunky. Or a programming language
> that has speech features and could be used to make an executable
> helper app.
> I'm also going to contact Tuviah about this and see if he has any
> suggestions, if so, I'll let you know, but please let me know too if
> you have any solutions.
> I would also be willing to pay for a third-party solution, if it were
> designed to market to more than one person;  I'm not currently
> situated to hire a custom solution alone and pay more for making Rev
> talk on XP than for Revolution itself! TTS complements a wide variety
> of applications. I think it's really worth having cross-platform.
> Curry

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