How real is the embedded web-page technique?

Jim Biancolo webmaster at
Fri Oct 11 14:23:01 EDT 2002

At 07:38 PM 10/11/2002 +0100, you wrote:
> >  I agree that an embedded rendering engine would be a killer feature.
>Embedded or higly integrated ?
>There's no reason why you can't currently use rev as your "control panel"
>and a browser as your "display mechanism" with the users monitor as the

I was going to ask for a better definition of the difference between 
"embedded" and "highly integrated" but I think based on your example I'd 
have to say "embedded".  I refer again to my e-mail client example:  the 
model currently used in several clients is a "mailbox" pane, a "subjects" 
pane, and a "message viewer" pane.  If I wanted to create such an 
application in RR that supported HTML mail, I don't think I could without 
an embeddable HTML rendering engine.  Clicking on a message in the 
"subjects" pane and having it fire up an external browser would be too 
kludgey, IMO.

But maybe this is a Windows bias . . . I'm a bit more used to having my 
apps self-contained.  Those few times I've had the opportunity to work on 
Macs I've found it disconcerting to have the menu floating off detached 
from the working area of its application.  Windows-conditioning aside, I 
stand by my wish:  I'd love to see a cross-platform control in RR that can 
render any well-formed HTML thrown at it.


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