REALbasic vs. Revolution

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Fri Oct 11 10:01:02 EDT 2002

>For me, (and recall I'm not a professional developer), there is a
>difference between apps that all look identical (which is what everything
>done in VB tends to be) and apps which merely leverage a
>previously-learned UI, consistent adherence to which is often touted as a
>learning advantage.

Judy, et al:

That seems to be part of Apple's marketing hype since the first 
release of Mac OS.  And, frankly, there might have been good reason 
for it initially: the mouse & pull-down-&-select were new to the 
industry, so guidelines on how to use them helped show the way.

But when it gets to the point that reviewers ding Revolution (or any 
other application) because Quit is under the File menu (where it was 
"supposed" to be in OS 9) instead of the Applications menu (which 
Apple has now decreed as the place Quit is "supposed" to be), it 
reaches a level of pedantic absurdity.


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