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At 1:35 PM -0700 10/9/2002, Jeff Morrison wrote:
>I'm looking at both REALbasic and Revolution and I'm pretty sure I've
>just discovered a huge problem with REALbasic, and I'm curious if
>Revolution suffers from the same issue.  Printing.  RB printing seems
>to be very, very, very tedious, requiring the user to define every
>element, style, position on page,etc., all via code.  How does
>Revolution handle printing?  Please tell me it's better.

All printing in Revolution is based, at bottom, on printing a card. So one
of the simplest methods of printing is to lay out a card the way you want
it, then print that (optionally populating fields and images first and so
forth) either using the print command or choosing Print Card from the File
menu. You can print a single card, or use the open printing and close
printing commands to print multiple cards as a batch print job.

For printing text, you can use revPrintText or revPrintField, which use
this method internally, but take care of the tedious details of creating
header and footer elements, paginating the text, and so on; all you have to
do is tell it what text you want printed.

The next version of Revolution will also include a new report printing
engine for easy layout and control of report printing.

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