How real is the embedded web-page technique?

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> What are the advantages of putting a browser inside on your app's window?
> What sort of apps are you folks making?
> Well, I can speak for the app that I'm trying to make - - - a DSL Router
> configuration tool.   Revolution presently launches IE in my app which takes
> the user to the ISP's registration server, and has them put in all their
> credit card data and so forth via a secure connection.   This goes on for a
> couple of pages.   Then on the last page of registration, they get a new
> username/password.   This username password then needs to get routed back to
> Revolution from IE and passed back to the DSL Router via HTTP Post through
> port 80.   I'm able to do all of this by kludging together Applescript calls
> and Revolution calls, however it would be MUCH cooler if I could have the
> browser embedded in Revolution, so then I could sniff for the html of the
> username password right from within Revolution instead of relying on
> Applescript to do all the legwork of capturing the html source of that last
> page and passing variable-data back to Revolution.
> The reason I can't do it presently in Revolution is because the html rendering
> isn't displaying properly with all the tables they have, and I'd need security
> with e-commerce send-form data.   If Revolution could have it's embedded
> browser that would work on both Mac and PC, then my registration app would be
> cross platform.   I also wouldn't have to do the checks for the presence of IE
> or installing of IE.   I'd gladly pay extra for this feature.   Macromedia
> Director can't do this presently either, but I know it's in high demand.   I'm
> happy with Revolution now, but I'd be even happier of it could embed a
> browser.

Sounds like the critical component is not HTML rendering as much as HTTPS --
did I understand that correctly?
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