How real is the embedded web-page technique?

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> What are the advantages of putting a browser inside on your app's window?
> What sort of apps are you folks making?

Well, I can speak for the app that I'm trying to make - - - a DSL Router 
configuration tool.   Revolution presently launches IE in my app which takes 
the user to the ISP's registration server, and has them put in all their 
credit card data and so forth via a secure connection.   This goes on for a 
couple of pages.   Then on the last page of registration, they get a new 
username/password.   This username password then needs to get routed back to 
Revolution from IE and passed back to the DSL Router via HTTP Post through 
port 80.   I'm able to do all of this by kludging together Applescript calls 
and Revolution calls, however it would be MUCH cooler if I could have the 
browser embedded in Revolution, so then I could sniff for the html of the 
username password right from within Revolution instead of relying on 
Applescript to do all the legwork of capturing the html source of that last 
page and passing variable-data back to Revolution.   

The reason I can't do it presently in Revolution is because the html 
rendering isn't displaying properly with all the tables they have, and I'd 
need security with e-commerce send-form data.   If Revolution could have it's 
embedded browser that would work on both Mac and PC, then my registration app 
would be cross platform.   I also wouldn't have to do the checks for the 
presence of IE or installing of IE.   I'd gladly pay extra for this feature.  
 Macromedia Director can't do this presently either, but I know it's in high 
demand.   I'm happy with Revolution now, but I'd be even happier of it could 
embed a browser.
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