Making a small Multimedia CD-ROM in Rev

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Thu Oct 10 20:27:01 EDT 2002


I'm in the throws of deciding on building a small CD-ROM multimedia app 
in Rev.  I can't decide if I should go back to Director or iShell (only 
for this project, don't worry!), or use Rev.  My love for Rev urges me 
to go down that path, my experience tells me to tread carefully.

I'm really happy with what Rev can do for me in a controlled (by the 
features I put in) Shareware environment but as yet I haven't build a 
'multimedia' CD-ROM in Rev and I'm worried about the following:

01 How well does Rev play off CD?  Are there seek issues or is it 
pretty fast loading?  (We will test this early next week)
02 How compatible is Rev using QTime across the expanding Windows 
family?  Are there abnormalities and playback issues on some PC 
configurations /Windows boxes?
03 How well does it cope in small RAM footprints?  Multimedia is a 
glutton, should I be worried with Rev's RAM load on older machines?
04 How well does RevGoURL work across all computers (ie in Mac land, is 
AppleScript the most backward compatible way to launch an URL?)

I'm hoping someone can help, I really don't want to get 80% in and find 
that there are some major issues just prior to pressing.  I don't want 
to go back to Director, I really don't, it is just that I don't know 
what issues could crop up and I haven't tested the waters.

As this is a small project I'm hoping that we do try Rev, it will be 
the multimedia litmus test for us.  I'm happy and confident with Rev 
when we are not talking about CD-ROM delivery or Multimedia 
functionality on older machines, can anyone help who has experience 
with this?

Many thanks!

Matt Denton

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