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Thu Oct 10 11:52:01 EDT 2002

>To write data to a text file is a simple as taking the data you want to
>write (like the contents of a variable or field) and using this syntax:
>   put <dataToWrite> into url ("file:" & <pathToFile>)
>And to read the data, use this syntax:
>   put url ("file:" & <pathToFile>) into <dataFromFile>)
>So for example, if I wanted to read data from the file
>"Enterprise:MyFolder:MyData.dat" on my OS X system, I would say:
>   put url ("file:/Enterprise/MyFolder/MyData.dat") into myData
>Hope this helps,

Hi Tim

I'm not a pro of the programmation. So to make the things easy, I use 
text files as database with different special chars to delimitate the 
I've buld a large database on this way. It works very fast without 
any other database engine (as SQL, Valentina...).
If you plan to make something very professionnal, yçou should have a 
look to such a system, but if you plan to make something for your own 
or freeware, you can surely use text files as Ken wirte here above.


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