Wouldn't a forum be a far better idea?

Mr Tea mrtea at mac.com
Thu Oct 10 07:22:01 CDT 2002

This from Jerry Thomas - dated 10-10-02 05.00 am:

> I believe(with much experience behind it)that the user mailing list is a
> very poor way to assist users and that FORUMS are by far the better idea.

It's probably a matter of personal choice. I prefer mailing lists because
they come to me, rather than me having to go to them. Having to deal with
the list mail makes me interact more thouroughly with it than I would when
looking down a list of subject headings on a web page. I often stumble
across interesting lines of enquiry that aren't relevant to what I'm doing
at the time, but could make useful reading later - so I drag them into an
archive folder.

I also think the business of having to actively deal with the constant
influx of messages increases the likelyhood that a message will generate a
response. That's certainly the case on lists where I know enough to provide
some of the answers.

Just my tuppeny bit.

pp Mr Tea

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