Wouldn't a forum be a far better idea?

miscdas at boxfrog.com miscdas at boxfrog.com
Thu Oct 10 02:29:01 EDT 2002

I vote with Jerry for a forum. When I first started to go through the 
mailing list archives, it was a real nuisance to not have topics with the 
threads beneath them. 

The mailing list isn't such a good format for newbies, but its limitations 
go almost unnoticed by the regulars. Isn't a large part of the 
Revolution/MetaCard goal to attract and keep newbies? If yes, then more 
emphasis should be placed there. 

I belong to or lurk several MM authoring forums. I've seen several designs 
that are very good. There is no reason why a good one (with good design, UI, 
etc.) couldn't be implemented for the Revolution community. This is, 
afterall the 21st century people... 

Jerry Thomas writes: 

> Dear Mailing List Participants, 
> I have been using the runrev mailing list for a few weeks now and OK I'm a 
> newbie to revolution. 
> But, because I am a developer who uses several different software packages 
> I belong to several different use groups and I'm not a newbie to 
> multimedia or support. 
> I believe(with much experience behind it)that the user mailing list is a 
> very poor way to assist users and that FORUMS are by far the better idea.  
> Yes, I know, most Rev users are so used to this system that change may be 
> resisted but the long term best interests of everybody would be served by 
> the changeover to a forum method. 
> First topics are defined by the header and replies go directly underneath 
> that header so when a user responds to a given thread it can easily be 
> understood. With the mailing list, unless you republish the question the 
> reply just hangs there in space with no context. With the forum method the 
> next replier can reply to the reply and to the general topic and be well 
> understood. 
> There is so much repeated,republished text in the mailing list method that 
> just wastes time and space but without which the list would be 
> incomprehensible. 
> Second forums provide continuity, with a search function you can quickly 
> determine whether someone asked your same question months or even years 
> ago with out searching archives. 
> Third, forums can provide a way to separate topics so that one doesn't 
> have to read many,many  posts that are unrelated or irelevant to your 
> project or topic. 
> Everytime I go to read the Runrev mailing list I come away needing eye 
> drops and aspirin for my head. 
> The interesting thing is that you already have a forum but have relegated 
> it to newbies.  The truth is that newbies can't teach newbies very well. 
> The best thing for learning is a mix of a pool of experienced users who 
> are willing to help and newbies willing to learn. 
> I think both your experienced users and your newbies (if you intend for 
> the company and community to grow) would be far better off moving over to 
> the existing forum and the company Runtime Revolution would be better off 
> if it had easier to understand support. 
> Check out a high quality forum for Multimedia Builder at 
> www.mediachance.com (web boards from the menu on the home page)  Like Run 
> rev this is a real COMMUNITY of users.  The forum method means that you 
> can follow the conversations and learn from topics and threads that can go 
> back months and even in one case years. 
> Right now as it stands you have a very difficult to understand mailing 
> list and a sorely treated, almost competely unused forum. 
> Thanks for listening.  I'm just trying to help you build a better company 
> and user community. 
> What do people think about moving this user group over into the existing 
> forum?   Any Comments or suggestions? 
> Thanks again 
> Jerry 
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