How real is the embedded web-page technique?

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Oct 9 21:44:01 EDT 2002

Are you using the multiline message box? It's probably best to try it 
from a button. That way you can be sure all the steps are being used.

You can embed clickable hyperlinks in any field. Enter your test, set 
it's style to "Link" and there it is. To do something with it, you need 
a "linkClicked" handler in the field, which can do various things with 
the link.

on linkClicked theLink
	 --  open the default browser and show the selected link
	revGoURL theLink

	 -- opens the default emailer and creates a new email to the linked 
address (Mac only)
	revGoURL ("matilto:" & theLink)
	-- loads the web page and displays internally
	put URL theLink into me
	set the htmlText of me to me
	-- if the web page uses relative addressing, you may need to add the 
root address first
	-- e.g. put URL ("" & theLink) into me
end linkClicked


On Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 11:44  am, RGould8 at wrote:

> This sounds like a great idea - - however I must be doing something 
> wrong.  If I go into the messagebox and type:
> put URL "" into temp
> put "temp = " & temp
> I get no results.  I tried a bunch of other URLs like 
> ( and didn't get anything either.  I'm definetely 
> connected to the network, as I'm able to send out this email message 
> on AOL.  (Perhaps AOL's the problem - - - I'm on dialup).  I'm on Mac 
> OS X, (Jaguar).  I'm in authoring mode, so I would think I'd have all 
> the internet tools available, right?
> When I do get this working, will I be able to have the user click on 
> the hyperlinks displayed on the web-page that's displayed as HTML in 
> that field?  In other words, is it just like embedding a browser on 
> the card, or is this just a means of displaying a page to the user, 
> but they can't click on hyperlinks.  If this does let me treat that 
> field like an actual browser, with clickable hyperlinks, I will be 
> extremely impressed with Revolution.

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