Errors using libUrlFtpUploadFile

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Wed Oct 9 07:01:00 EDT 2002

It seems my earlier reply on this got bounced.

At 8:36 pm -0400 5/10/02, Mac Dude wrote:
>I'm uploading a file to an FTP server using libUrlFtpUploadFile.  My
>exact syntax is:
>      libUrlFtpUploadFile theFilePath, theURL, "uploaded"
>I've also included a "Cancel" button with the following script:
>on mouseUp
>      resetAll
>      close this stack
>end mouseUp
>This appears to stop the file transfer, and of course closes the
>stack, however, if i attempt to do another transfer it fails,
>returning simply "error"  here is the handler that shows this:
>on uploaded theURL, theStatus
>      if theStatus is not "uploaded" then
>         answer "Upload failed:" & return  & theStatus
>      end if
>      unload url theURL
>      close this stack
>end UploadComplete
>I'm using the latest BETA internet lib.  Can anyone tell me if this
>is a bug in MY code, REV's code, or the latest internetLib's code?
>Aside from the "Cancel" button, all the rest of the code works, and
>does upload the file.

Don't use resetAll (or libUrlResetAll) to cancel an upload or 
download. Instead, use "unload url".

But using libUrlResetAll shouldn't have the effect you describe, so 
there may be a bug there as well. I'll look into it.


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