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Simon Forster simon at
Wed Oct 9 03:36:21 EDT 2002


Yesterday I downloaded the Revolution starter kit and ran through the 
first tutorial to get a feel for the program and to find out whether I 
wanted to explore this further. Problem 1: when futzing with the 2nd 
button (there's only 2 of them in the Getting Started tutorial), 
Revolution would "Unexpectedly quit" on me. This happened a good half 
dozen times. Needless to say, if this is typical behaviour I'm not 
interested in the prog. I'm working on an Apple PowerBook G3 with 300+ 
MB RAM running OS X 10.2.1.

Is Revolution quite unstable when developing?

I'd like to look through some documentation on the language. The only 
reference source I've found so far is the Transcript Dictionary. Is 
this all that's commonly available? If so, how can one browse through 

TIA for your input.

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