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Tue Oct 8 22:54:01 CDT 2002

Hey, Bailey! Glad to see you!

When you say "tab menu" do you mean the tab button control? If so, and you
want to use it like an "options" dialog box to navigate among cards, you can
do this:

1) Create a stack for your dialog box, but don't create any more cards yet
(the reason is that if you define a background object on the first card it
will automatically copy itself to new cards as they're created; if you
already have your cards defined, you'll have to "place" the background
object on each card one at a time).

2) Create a tab button that fills the card (or however you want it to look),
and give it the following script:

on menuPick currTab,prevTab
  go card currTab
end menuPick

3) Set the "contents" of the button to the list of the tab button names.

4) Right now, it's only a "card-based" button (i.e. if you go to the next
card, the tab button will disappear). So you need to make it shared... Group
the tab button, and in the properties for the group, turn on "Background
Behavior" (which makes it like a background shared object)

5) Create new cards, one for each tab (you should see the tab button appear
on each card as you create it; if you don't, you'll have to "place" the
object on each card using the Place Group option in the Object menu).

6) Name each card the same as the tab that it corresponds to (so that the
script I suggested in #2 will work).

That should do it...

Ken Ray
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I am a recent converter to Revolution from SuperCard so pardon my ignorance.
I am trying to use the Tab menu to present various options to users. I feel
completely stupid but after creating a tab menu on a card I am at a loss to
figure out how to use it. I can¹t figure out how to use it either to
³navigate² or show cards, info or what ever. I would greatly appreciate

Bailey Kessing
National Cancer Institute-Frederick

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