Expert Systems?

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On Wednesday, Oct 9, 2002, at 08:30 Australia/Sydney, Alex Rice wrote:

> On Tuesday, October 8, 2002, at 04:18  PM, David Vaughan wrote:
>> Can you reduce those formulae ultimately to a single score (which may 
>> be a weighted combination of sub-scores)? If so, it sounds to me that 
>> a GA could do what you want and it is not difficult to implement in 
>> Rev. GAs are especially good at munging multiple issues, just so long 
>> as, eventually, you can single-score a solution. Mixing score 
>> weightings to achieve that is something you can do with user controls 
>> rather than embedding, if you are unsure of what the weightings 
>> should be.
> Genetic algorithms are mainly useful for function optimization 
> problems, I think.
> This problem is really perfect for an expert system because it's, 
> well, an expert system. :-) A bunch of heuristics, rules-of-thumb, 
> which when you apply them to set of data set it outputs some 
> recommendations recommendations. Stuff like  "If you employ spatula 
> repair persons, then you get a spatula repair bay. If the facility is 
> in a snowy clime, you get an indoor spatula repair bay with 
> kitchenette. If not in a snowy clime, you get an outdoor spatula 
> repair bay. You get a small, medium or large spatula repair bay if 
> .... etc."

Uh-huh. Multiple outputs on a rules basis. Not GA, which would attempt 
to organise the assembly. I will be very interested if you find 
anything but fear you or we might have to invent it. Now, where did I 
put Winston... :-)

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