Creating Icons on the Fly

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You can try hiding the stack before doing the capture (if you're capturing
stuff off of the stack).. you can do a send doCapture (your handler) to a
hidden stack and it will import snapshot to the hidden stack...but in my
experience, for the most part, you're stuck with the flashing and screen


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> Subject: Creating Icons on the Fly
> Fellow RR users,
> I want to display some icons on the screen and the user will
> define the text
> and backgroundColor of the icons.  The text of these icons will
> be vertical.
> I can create the icons using the import snapshot command then rotating the
> image 90°.  (You have to fiddle with it because the rotate distorts the
> image - but I've got it looking great!)
> The problem is when the standalone opens, and I create the icons
> (and do the
> rotate) it looks pretty ugly on screen -- all the flashing of the import
> snapshot command and rotation.  Since the import snapshot command takes an
> actual screen shoot, locking the screen or setting the stack off
> screen are
> not viable options.
> Anyone know (or can think of) a workaround?
> Thank you in advance.
> -Dan
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