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Fri Oct 4 18:15:01 EDT 2002

Hi Dar

I did some reading after that post and it looks as though all apps that run
on WinXP will work to some extent. The big question is whether mc fields
will be able to accept the handwriting input properly????

Also, I've had a request for to develop a companion app for one of my Rev
apps to be used on handheld devices. Has anyone done anything like this? I
assume that the best language for such a project would be java??? All I need
to do is save a little bit of data input and then transfer it to my app
later on.



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> > Anyone know if Rev apps will run on WinXP for Tablet PC.
> Uh.  I hope this is not poor manners, but I would like to chime
> in and say
> I would be interested in the answer to this, too.
> Dar
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