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Fri Oct 4 11:30:00 EDT 2002

Thanks very much for a considered reply, Richard, most helpful.

I've taken a closer look at the two interactives and they really are 
quite simple.  There's no menus or buttons, not much scripting.  They 
appear to be just a series of images linked together with hot spot 
clickable areas.  If I was to start them now, I reckon a series of 
web pages would do the same thing.  I hope this means my porting 
exercise is a little easier.

Richard Gaskin wrote :
>Jeff Graham wrote:
>>  I was hoping for a 90% automatic conversion, 10% hand-tweaking, that
>>  kind of thing.  When you say people do conversions, do you mean as a
>>  chargeable service?
>[Note:  Apologies in advance for what turned out to be another long post,
>but this is an important topic so I pulled some notes from an artice I'm
>working on to include them here.]
>Similarities and Differences Among xTalk Dialects
>When porting between xTalk tools, the differences that make each tool


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