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>> Strange as in may seem, searching hi and lo over the entire universe 
>> we
>> cannot find any decent FTP Web site synchronization for the Mac. This
>> is to synchronize two sites on different servers where one is a local
>> directory (containing an entire public_html folder/files)  on our
>> staging server on the LAN and the other is the "distribution" site  on
>> the ISP's server in Honolulu.  Has any one created this using
>> Revolution?
> I thought about it, but the one built into GoLive has been doing such 
> a good
> job I've never really pursued it.

Have a look at Transmit.

Very mac like and I thinks can do what you need. I did it when I worked 
with Golive because in the first versions of GL the ftp not allways 
worked fine. Not use it so much now since I have changed to freeway 
wich does a perfect ftp synchronization with the server.

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