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Fri Oct 4 06:02:01 EDT 2002

--- Sylvain_Le_Gourriérec
<sylvain.legourrierec at> wrote:
> hello,
> I usually start my revolution session with "set the
> raisepalettes to false" in the msg box.
> how can I automate that?
> where are the preferences that I could change?
> thanks

Hi Sylvain,

You could make your very first plug-in for exactly
that purpose:
1) make a new stack and set its stack script to
  on openStack
    set the raisePalettes to false
    -- anything you want done at startup
    pass openStack
  end openStack

2) resize the stack a bit, add a little artwork and
push it somewhere out of the way (optional)

3) give it a name that starts with "rev" so it doesn't
show up in the Application Overview window -- unless
you want just that, for easy editing.

4) save it in the folder named "plugins"

Next time you start Revolution, it will execute the
"openStack" handler, effectively setting the
raisePalettes property to false.

You know, with a bit of thinking, one could actually
make a small plug-in with a text field in which we can
type commands, and they're executed on startup.
Any volunteers?

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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