Q. data stacks and app design

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Oct 4 01:20:01 EDT 2002

Alex Rice wrote:

> But, I'm not understanding the differences/trade-offs between cloning
> stacks vs. put/set the data to a stack's custom props. (as in Richard's
> post)

Two different animals: cloning creates user interface elements on the fly.
Props store data.

You can store data in cloned stacks that also have a UI, with the potential
draw back that your "documents" now also contain code, so if you need to
update code you have to not only change the code in your app, but als in all
of your user's documents.

On the flipside, moving data from data-only stacks into UI stacks for dsplay
may be more trouble than its worth for some circumstances.

What are you making?

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