Where to Put a Send Handler?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Thu Oct 3 23:28:24 EDT 2002


You can put your code below anywhere you'd like, but you have to "kick off"
the updateFiles message at the beginning; so if you want it to start as soon
as your stack opens, you'd put your code in the stack script, with an
"updateFiles" call in an openStack handler:

on openStack
end openStack

on updateFiles
  send "mouseUp" to button "GetFiles"
  send "updateFiles" to me in 60 seconds
end updateFiles

Hope this helps,

Ken Ray
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Subject: Where to Put a Send Handler?

> Hello again, folks. I'm trying to write a simple handler to send a mouseUp
message to a button every 60 seconds. I've read the docs on send vs. idle
and believe I have the syntax correct:
> on updateFiles
>   send "mouseUp" to button "GetFiles"
>   send "updateFiles" to me in 60 seconds
> end updateFiles
> I got this structure from the docs. But where does it go? In the stack
script? In the card script? In the "GetFiles" button script? I've tried all
three, but the mouseUp never gets sent to the button automatically. Entering
the send in the Message Box works perfectly, of course. Any suggestions on
where to put a repeating timed handler for best results?
> TIA...
> joe.
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