Q. data stacks and app design

Ron rbarber at yhb.att.ne.jp
Thu Oct 3 23:28:00 EDT 2002

Ken, and others,
Would you care to comment on the pro/cons of maintaining a data file or a
preference file as an external text file rather than, say, a user prop of a
data/pref stack? 

Is it simply a matter of 'style' or are there distinct advantages to each?


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> Alex,
> Why don't you just maintain the data in an external text file? Then, you can
> read and write it as simply as:
> put url ("file:" & tFileName) into tData
> and
> put tData into url ("file:" & tFileName)
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>> So I think I need to use a data stack. What's the most elegant way to
>> get cards and/or stacks to write all it's state out to disk, which I
>> can go check on later from another stack, and write a report from the
>> responses? I hope this question isn't too vague. I'd be glad to tell
>> more about the application if it's not clear what I'm asking.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Alex Rice, Software Developer

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