Anyone know how to set to use DHCP with Revolution?

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Wed Oct 2 15:42:01 EDT 2002

Thanks for this information about how to get the network settings.   I'm 
still at a loss as to how one goes about making the setting to DHCP.   I've 
tried all kinds of techniques from:

"set configuration method of TCP v4 configuration 1 to DHCP"

to various effort to "unlock" the control-settings.

I think this is going to take some heavy-lifting/network guru type to figure 
this one out.   Is there anyone else who's tried something like this before 
(setting the user's Networking Control panel to DHCP via Applescript)   
Perhaps I could pay someone to write a routine for me, if it can be done at 

In a message dated 10/1/02 6:07:20 PM, kray at writes:

> Well,
> I don't know how to set the DHCP, but here's some AppleScript code that 
> will
> *get* the configuration method using the Network Setup scripting 
> addition...
> perhaps you can use this as a start:
> ----------------------
> set configMethod to ""
> set configName to ""
> set cfg to ""
> tell application "Network Setup Scripting"
>   open database
>   set config to current configuration set
>   repeat with i from 1 to count of configuration of config
>     if (class of configuration i of config) is (TCPIP v4 configuration) 
> then
>       set cfg to configuration i of config
>       set configName to name of config  -- so you can check the name to see
> if it's the right one
>       exit repeat
>     end if
>   end repeat
>   set configMethod to configuration method of cfg
>   close database
>   -- Now, show it in the results window
>   get "Config name: " & configName & ", Method: " & configMethod
> end tell
> ------------------------
> When I ran this on my Mac, I got:
>     Config name: My Network Settings, Method: manual
> (which is all correct, BTW).
> Note that this stops as soon as it hits a TCPIP configuration method (and
> you may have many defined in the TCP/IP control panel), so you may need to
> check "configName" to see if it is the right one before going on. Also, 
> keep
> in mind that configurations can be locked (I don't know how to get around
> that at the moment)...
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software
> Email: kray at
> Web Site:
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> Subject: Anyone know how to set to use DHCP with Revolution?
> If I drag the Network Scripting file in Mac OS 9 to the Script Editor, I 
> get
> a whole Applescript dictionary of commands to control the user's Networking
> preferences.   What I'd like to do is somehow get Revolution to talk to
> Applescript to then set the user's Network control panel to use DHCP.
> Perhaps there's a way to get Revolution to access this directly?
> I've found the Network Scripting dictionary to be very confusing.   Is 
> there
> a Networking guru on this list who can tell me what the secret commands are
> within that dictionary to set the user's network control panel to DHCP?
> Here's the vast array of commands:
> Class TCPIP v4 configuration: A TCP/IP v4 configuration
> Plural form:
>      TCPIP v4 configurations
> Elements:
>      router address by numeric index, as a range of elements
>      name server address by numeric index, as a range of elements
>      search domain by numeric index, as a range of elements
> Properties:
>      <Inheritance>  configuration   -- See the class “configuration” for
> more properties
>      connecting via  Ethernet/MacIP/PPP   -- the port or connection method
> of
> this configuration...
>      connecting via  string   -- ...or a port name   (may be locked)
>      configuration method  BootP/DHCP/MacIP manual/MacIP
> server/manual/RARP/PPP server   -- the configuration method of this
> configuration (may be locked)
>      IP address  string   -- the IP address of this configuration (may be
> locked)
>      subnet mask  string   -- the IP subnet mask of this configuration (may
> be locked)
>      implicit search start  string   -- the implicit starting search domain
> of this configuration (may be locked)
>      implicit search end  string   -- the implicit ending search domain of
> this configuration (may be locked)
>      DHCP client ID  string   -- applies only if the configuration method 
> is
> DHCP (may be locked)
>      MacIP server zone  string   -- only applies if ‘connecting via’ is
> MacIP (may be locked)
>      uses IEEE8023  boolean   -- Does this configuration use the 802.3
> protocol? (may be locked)
>      protocol  TCPIP v4   [r/o]   -- the protocol of this configuration 
> (the
> constant ‘TCPIP v4’)
>      administration password  string   -- the password of this 
> configuration
> (write only)
>      user mode  basic/advanced/administration   -- the user mode of this
> configuration
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