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Thu Nov 28 07:06:01 CST 2002

David Vaughan writes:
> True, miscdas, but the list exists in part to help people discover the 
> documentation as well as the product, or the use-list would hardly need to 
> exist at all. A pointer to using the documentation (as you have done here) 
> as well as to the answer helps people get up and running faster. 
> regards
> David
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My point, apparently not readily seen, is that new users could probably 
benefit enormously from simply spending some time going through the 
tutorials and actually DOING them to gain a familiarity with basic features. 
Then, if difficulties arise with an application, make use of the mailing 
list or private contacts. I see on this list (as well as on other forums to 
which I belong) that many new users ask basic questions that are well 
documented either in the documentation that was supplied with the app 
(tutorials, example stacks, code snippets, etc.), or in the discussion 
archives. A very little personal effort to "discover" a solution not only 
benefits the person, but keeps the mailing list less "cluttered". 

I don't see that it is at all difficult to "discover" the documentation. It 
is again a very basic exercise to navigate to the folder where the app was 
installed and "look around" at the supplied files, as well as to simply 
click "help", press F1, etc. while the app is running. 

The list does and can exist without ever touching these basic areas, except 
in the instances where the documentation is poorly written (or even in 
error), or to reveal new-found properties or uses for some basic documented 

A little thought on the subject reveals this can be seen as matter of 
courtesy to others. 


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