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There isn't an "official" registry, but I usually check to see what has been used and try to pick something
that hasn't...

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> I am building an import-export feature into an app.
> It will export a custom prop or import a plain text
> file and make it into a custom prop.
> I only want to allow previously exported files to be imported,
> so I am thinking of adding a file extension to the file name
> as a 'test' to help (ex: only files that end with ".DOG" can be
> imported) ensure that only exported files get imported.
> I am wondering if this is a reasonable way to proceed...especially
> with Windows machines. Type/creator codes for non-osx macs
> can be registered, is such a procedure needed for file extensions
> on a Windows system?
> Thanks in Advance!
> sims
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