Http or https

Dar Scott dsc at
Sat Nov 23 13:35:01 CST 2002

On Saturday, November 23, 2002, at 11:10 AM, Iago wrote:

> Without https support --
>   Revolution's just another app I could build a D&D GM's
>   tool with, with no bearing on my professional life. I'd
>   really like that to be otherwise.

Hmmm.  For my profession I would like to see much more extensive basic 
TCP/IP support, broader serial I/O support, expanded general I/O and 
even register I/O support, knobs, sliders, graphs, meters and so on.

I guess that this partly depends on the identity of the product and what 
can be built from the available components.

Alex Rice just showed us the way to get https.  Is there something 
missing in that?

Dar Scott

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