Digest Authentification

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Thu Nov 21 05:04:01 CST 2002

At 9:20 pm -0500 20/11/02, rgould8 at aol.com wrote:
>Ok, I think I have just enough brain cells left to figure out 80% of
>the Digest Authentification in Revolution - - - I just need a little
>nudge over a few small potholes.
>A huge thanks to Yennie, who probably saved me 3 weeks of work
>trying to decypher the rfc for Digest Authentification.
>The first question I have is this:  what is the Revolution command
>to retrieve the header information of the html page that comes back?
>For instance, when I make my initial call to the device, putting
>URL:, I get a web-page that
>Page not available.  Protected Object.
>This is exactly what I'd expect to see, but what I really need is
>the header info that comes along with that page.  The header info
>should look something like this:
>Digest realm="DSLUnit BEFDSR41W",
>nonce="8ce0cfdc62f8bdae849610f521a3538f", qop=auth
>I see Revolution commands to SET headers, but I'm just not seeing
>the command to GET the header.
>And then, if I'm reading the spec correctly, I'm supposed to reply
>with a new header which looks like this:
>GET /isp/cpe_info.xml HTTP/1.1
>DSL RouterUnit
>Digest username="admin", realm="DSLUnit BEFDSR41W", qop="auth",
>algorithm="MD5", uri="/isp/cpe_info.xml",
>nonce="8ce0cfdc62f8bdae849610f521a3538f", nc=00000001,

Use libUrlLastRHHeaders() to retrieve the most recent set of headers 
sent from the remote host.

Something like:

get url myUrl
if 401 is in the result then
   put libUrlLastRHHeaders() into tRHHeaders
   ## then parse the headers


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