Web Access -launching external browser

David Wilkinson dwilk at globalnet.co.uk
Tue Nov 5 18:32:01 CST 2002

FWIW RevGoURL does not seem to work at all on my Unix box

If you single step through the revLib, the function returns 255, which I take to mean success, and nothing else. My workaround is to use:
	put "http://" & the selectedtext into tUrlName 
	put shell ("netscape" && tUrlName) 

maybe the same approach will work for you 

This seems to be true of a fair bit of RR on Unix - ie either things do not work as expected OR they work and then they stop working. In this instance the library uses *get shell .............* not put; the message box will launch the browser if you enter that command - but the same line in a script will terminate silently with no launch.

and another example
	answer the selectedtext
  	put the selectedtext into tAppName
  	answer tAppName

the first dialog box shows the selected text and the second is blank!  ??? 

Still, it is early days.

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