A general list motherly post

Heather Williams heather at runrev.com
Wed May 29 06:14:01 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

Time to make another appearance I think. I note the recent discussion about
Spam, Viruses and this list. For your information, the only way to use this
list for the purpose of distributing spam is to become a member. This is a
double opt in list, meaning any potential spammer has to give a valid email
address and confirm their subscription before being accepted as as member.
Most spammers do not do this :-). In fact, to my certain knowledge, there
has been no instance of spam being sent to this list and getting through the
moderation procedure.

The members email list is not publicly available, and the archives have your
email stripped from the headers. I do not think this list is being used to
harvest email addresses or add to your spam burden.

However, the nefarious Klez virus is very active at the moment, and as
another member has noted, is capable of making it appear as though spam is
originating from somewhere it is not.

Since I'm here, I'll just run through some of the things we like to see, to
keep this list friendly and helpful to all.

Please send posts in plain text only, no html or fancy formatting. It gets
scrambled for the majority of readers, who are on digest mode, wastes
bandwidth, and annoys our European friends who pay per minute on dial up

Do not send administrative requests such as subscribe, unsubscribe, or help,
I've lost my password, to the list. Most will be filtered out automatically,
they only get through if you misspell them. If you have a problem, first
check that you can't do what you want by going to the online webpage at


Then email me, heather at runrev.com, or use the admin address,
use-revolution-admin at lists.runrev.com and I'll be happy to help.

If you post to the list from an email address other than that you are
subscribed with, your post will be held for moderation. No panic, I'll get
in there and check it's not spam, then approve it, usually quite quickly.
But to avoid this, you may like to know that you can subscribe more than one
email address, and set any extra addresses to "nomail" so that you don't
receive duplicate posts.

Although the members of this list are generally quite disciplined about
this, it's worth repeating that it's not always necessary to quote
everything in the thread you are replying to. Rows of indented quotes in
pink, orange and blue are pretty, but generally unnecessary, and again waste
bandwidth. Be selective and only quote enough for readers to understand and
remember what you are replying to.

If you get the digest, do try and remember to change the header of your post
from Re: digest no 3670 to something more meaningful. Everyone forgets this
once in a while, it's not a hanging offence, but it helps if you try and
remember to do this, so that other members can follow a thread.

And finally, remember it's very hard to judge tone of voice in an email.
Flame wars can start from what was intended to be an innocent comment. By
and large the members of this list are great, polite, helpful people with a
fantastic attitude to helping each other. It's lovely to see, let's keep it
that way. Don't forget the smileys :-)



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