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Sun May 26 13:04:01 EDT 2002


Your advisory about running this in 9.1 is well-received; probably the 
difference between the way OS9 and OSX handle paths. There may be a Rev 
function that will normalize this but I haven't looked yet. Funny thing 
is that looking at the OSX version of IE revealed -no- creator code even 
if I delved into the pkg file and examined the MacOS stuff held therein. 
I saved a source file from within IE and examined it for its type and 
creator codes. I suppose the Classic version of IE could have launched 
but, sure enough, the OSX version is what popped up (as I hoped).

Obviously, if I intend my app to play in OS9 and Windoze systems, I will 
have to add some gestalt code to determine in which sandbox I am playing.

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> Running the script in Mac OS 9.1, IE refuses to open the file unless
> a third "/" is inserted after "file:". Perhaps IE requires two, plus
> Rev adds one for the pathname?
> Without the third slash, perhaps the URL isn't in the format IE
> expects. That may cause IE to hand the file off to TextEdit to open.
> Inserting "localhost" causes the script to fail here. If adding
> another slash fails, you might try it without "localhost".
> Karl
> At 2:42 PM -0600 5/25/02, Barry Levine wrote:
>> ask file "Please provide a name for this file" with "Untitled-" &
>> the seconds & ".htm"
>>   if it is not empty then -- if the user wants to save the file
>>     put myVar into URL ("file:" & it) -- myVar has the contents of the 
>> file
>>     -- hard disk name becomes "localhost" under OSX, maybe other OS's 
>> too?
>>     put it into myVar
>>     set the itemDelimiter to "/"
>>     put "localhost" into item 2 of myVar
>>     --answer myVar -- for testing purposes
>>     revGoURL "file:/" & myVar
>>   end if
>> Here's the strange part: The file, though written exactly as
>> expected, opens in TextEdit rather than IE (which is what is
>> configured in the Internet System Pref); and TextEdit displays the
>> file perfectly (with the html table I generated in a earlier part of
>> the handler displying perfectly).
>> Before I replaced the name of my hard drive with "localhost", IE
>> would launch -but- only my homepage would display.
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