[OT] spam and virii ? - cryptographic authentication solution?

Shao Sean shaosean at unitz.ca
Sun May 26 03:00:01 EDT 2002

as you can see from what my email client shows below, both of our email addresses are put into plain view..
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Subject: Re: [OT] spam and virii ? - cryptographic authentication solution? 

>    First, a simple question:  lots of people have taken to putting the 
> emails as 'jswitte at indiana dot EDUcation' or something like that.  
yeah, but considering my email address is not in my signature nor do i use it for anything other than this list, with a few close friends (none of whom do the "let's forward to a hundred different people" things with emails..) and my mom (it could be her.. i never trusted that woman ;-)

yeah the whole system should be overhauled.. maybe something to do in my spare time (yes, i'm an email geek ;-).. i think what's stopping something like this is all the different vendors who would be willing to pull a microsoft so their client/server is top-dog, etc.. perhaps a server-based scheme would be more appropiate..?

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