saving stack files with long names

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Sun May 26 00:01:01 EDT 2002

This might have some bearing on people encountering errors when trying 
to save stack files:
I was working today on a file with this name:
MIDI File Builder020525c1.rev

Previously, the name had been shorter and I had been having no problems 
saving the stack file.  When I expanded the name, I suddenly started 
having problems:  an apparent backup file with a name similar to that 
above, but with a few different characters, would suddenly appear in the 
same folder as the "real" file.  I'd quit RR without saving the file I 
was working on (no other option).  This did not happen all the time, but 
often enough to get me worried. Luckily, I always save multiple copies 
of each incremental revision, so I didn't lose anything.  I decided to 
try shortening the name of the file to:

-and since doing so have not had any problems saving the file.


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