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Klaus Major kmajor at
Thu May 23 10:26:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mark,

> ...
> Actually, the syntax is very easy and the grammar is obvious IF you are 
> a native English speaker. (Except for that damn onTO
> required for 'place', which gets me every time.  I'm sure others can 
> think of their own pet peeves :-)
> Alas, it is (currently) an English dominated world.
> Perhaps someone should start translating Xtalk into Arabic or 
> something, just in case.

Please not !!!

I remember when a german "Excel 3" came out for the Mac a couple of 
years ago.

Not even there were some chars underlined in the menus (ALT + char lets 
the menu drop down on WINDOZE
but not on a mac ;-) they even translated "Visual basic for Apps" to 
german. Imagine that.

It pissed me off right away ;-)

So that was my first and last touch with any "Basic" version ;-)

Needless to say that it was english-like in the next version...

> mark mitchell
> Japan


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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