Screen Locks?

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Thu May 23 06:50:36 EDT 2002

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>>  >Yves,
>>  >
>>  >I don't get it... How does this lock the screen to
>>  the user?
>>  >
>>  You MUST unlock the screen to see the move of the
>>  thumbpos of the
>>  progress bar at each loop.
>>  So your problem is so difficult to resolve.
>Just a thought: maybe you could
>-make a snapshot of your screen,
>-show that in a separate "snapshot" stack C,
>-hide the "working" stack A,
>-show the "progress" stack B
>And then do your changes offscreen while giving the
>user the illusion everything is still there?
>I'm sure there's some way to make a snapshot of a
>screen, if necessary through an XFCN.
>Best regards,
>Jan Schenkel.

Just for the fun, I have tried your suggestion.
it works fine but how to make a snapshot in a code ?
I had made the snapshot previously, before starting the mouseUp
now the question remains : how to make a snapshot "on the fly" ?

can anybody answer this ?


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