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David Vaughan drvaughan55 at mac.com
Thu May 16 04:42:02 EDT 2002

Jan, Geoff, Mark

You know, it's an interesting thing,  but Mark's original script 
executes at about the same rate (~50 to 70 milliseconds per thousand on 
my Tibook) as do mine, Geoff's and Jan's, simply by making the same 
three basic changes to Mark's script as we all assumed for our own 
variations -  using variables and not fields for operations, and 
ditching the "repeat with x = 1 to N"  together with the "put <status> 
into field whatever" (who needs status when execution is so fast?).

Within that, the original and offered solutions provide some variations 
in operation and output that should keep Mark entertained for a while, 
but the three basic lessons are very clear. Practically a mantra.


On Thursday, May 16, 2002, at 07:25 , Jan Decroos wrote:

> Maybe this can help...
> the parseItems handler will pass an item to DoStuff only when it's 
> completed
> (i.e. when one of the prev. items was started with a quote, all items 
> are
> gathered until we find an item ending with a quote, or when there are no
> quotes).
> Maybe you should strip the leading and the ending spaces too.
> -- the button script
> on mouseUp
>   parseItems cd fld 1   -- my data was in field 1
> end mouseUp
> on parseItems pData
>   repeat for each line lLine in pData
>     put empty into lRealItem
>     repeat for each item lItem in lLine
>       if (char 1 of litem = quote) then
>         if (last char of litem = quote) then
>           DoStuff lItem
>         else
>           put lItem into lRealItem
>         end if
>       else
>         if (lRealItem <> empty) then
>           put comma&lItem after lRealItem
>           if (last char of litem = quote) then
>             DoStuff lRealItem
>             put "" into lRealItem
>           end if
>         else
>           DoStuff lItem
>         end if
>       end if
>     end repeat
>   end repeat
> end parseItems
> on DoStuff pItem
>   answer pItem
> end DoStuff
> Jan
>> Anyone have a good method of parsing a text file that is delimmited by
>> commas, yet has quotes (") surrounding SOME of the records, which in 
>> turn
>> may have commas inside of them (such as a notes field)?  (!)
>> The only routine I made for this was long and ugly, taking a second per
>> record.  I first replaced commas inside of quotes with a blank space, 
>> then
>> got rid of the quotes, then parsed by comma.
>> Is there a routine I might be missing?  Thanks!
>> Mark
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