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Dan Friedman dan at
Wed May 15 11:58:01 EDT 2002

Dear incredible and knowledgeable Rev users,

I want to download a stack from my web site as a way to update my users.
However, all I seem to get are errors.

First, I post the stack as a binary file to my web site.  Then, I just run

put "" into fileToDL
put "file:/Macintosh HD/myProduct/mystack.rev" into fileToSave
put url fileToDL into url fileToSave

After it downloads and I try to "mystack.rev",  I get: "There was a problem
opening that stack: stack was corrupted by a non-binary file transfer."

Anything jump out at you?   What am I doing wrong?

I'd rather do the compress/decompress to download files, but all I do is
crash my computer.  I used "MacGzip" to "gz" the stack, then posted the
stack as a binary file to my web site.  Loaded the gz into memory, then try
to decompress... And POOF!... I get a 5 minute break to restart.  Then I
have to reinstall Revolution.

My goal is to simply update a stack on the users system from a download...
That's all.  Any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated!

Thank you for your time,


PS, is there a "Rev Programmer's Retirement Fund" I can donate to?  This
list is always so friendly and helpful!

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