Ampersand in name

Sarah sarahr at
Mon May 13 20:54:01 EDT 2002

In menus & menu-type buttons, an ampersand is used to indicate that the 
following character is the shortcut key, so the ampersand is itself 
invisible. If you actually want the button label to show an ampersand, 
you need to change it to a double ampersand.


On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 09:16  am, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I have some data in which the name of a group includes an ampersand. 
> The groups get put into a cascade button and when that happens the 
> ampersand vanishes and then doesn't match the text.
> Is the ampersand a reserved character regarding cascading buttons? Is 
> there an alternative to eliminating the ampersand in the original text?
> Bill
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