Bug; narrowing it down.

Barry Levine themacguy at mac.com
Mon May 13 20:12:01 EDT 2002

The "skip a card" behavior I'm seeing when pressing Command-3 (MacOSX) 
seems to rear its head right after I select the "Group Selected" command 
from the Objects menu. The Keyboard System Pref does not alter the 
behavior even if I turn off "repeating". If you look closely, you can 
see the card number (in the stack's title bar) rapidly passing by the 
skipped card.

If I quit Rev and re-launch, then re-open the stack, the skipping is 
gone. However, when I Place the group on another card, the behavior 

...just did some more experimenting. I had an openCard handler in the 
stack script that was supposed to place a value in a field. That field 
was no longer part of the stack. In the "Browse" environment, there's an 
error message that pops up for a brief instant then disappears. In the 
development environment, the skipping took place without the error 
message. I managed to generate an intentional error (with a purposely 
bad script) and discovered the error messages. Apparently one side 
effect of the movement from card to card with this bad openCard script 
in the stack was to skip cards. Why it did this is beyond me but there 
it is. So the "bug" may have been some combination of my screw-up and 
some unexpected response from Rev.

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