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Fri May 10 13:35:01 EDT 2002

On Friday, May 10, 2002, at 11:28 AM, RAaaaaaaaaaaaa at wrote:

> I just have to say... I know that RunRev has granted the use of 
> Revolution in
> the Starter Kit, but don't you feel that this is in some way... 
> stealing?

It is not.  And I would hate for any Starter Kit users to think 
so.  Runrev has made it clear what Starter Kit user rights are.

I can't speak for Runrev, but from where I sit the use of the 
Starter Kit is very wise marketing.  Remember, the business goal is 
to maximize total profit, not maximize revenue per distributed 

To many people, this Revolution model of programming is very 
strange.  The Starter Kit allows people to try it without the pain 
of it timing out before they get back to it.  Many Starter Kit 
users become buyers, some in 2 days, some in 2 weeks, some in two 
months and some in two years.  But even those who seriously use the 
Starter Kit without buying spread the word and promote sales.

The Starter Kit promotes a wider market.  People can try Revolution 
in ways that most of us would not have thought of.

Starter Kit users contribute to the Revolution community.  Naive 
questions, explorations into relatively unexplored corners, bug 
reports, help and the like all contribute to Revolution.

> Although I'm sure quite ingenious, people are finding ways to 
> stretch the
> limits of Revolution (in ten lines or less) to make 
> applications... without
> any compensation going to the developers of Revolution.

Who cares?  They pay the price, just in a different way.  The 
important thing from a marketing viewpoint is that every Revolution 
experience is a happy one.

Think back to Economics 101.  Multiple pricing is a great way to 
exploit a market.  That not only applies to the 3 layer pricing of 
Revolution but to other costs a user has.

> Why not just pay the
> license price?  YOU WANT TO PAY THE LICENSE FEE!  A company cannot grow
> without making money... PERIOD.  The more RunRev makes, the better 
> Revolution
> will be.  Perhaps someday RunRev will remove the option to use 
> their software
> for free and we can all get back to "REAL" growth!

"Making money" and "real" growth come from profits, not any vain 
whining about per-unit revenues.

OK.  You paid.  (I paid.)  Do you resent that?  Don't you think you 
get your moneys worth?  What do you care that somebody else didn't?

> Just one guys opinion.

Of course.  As is mine.  Let's agree that folks on this list may 
have opinions and that they may be contrary to ours.  Let's agree 
to avoid discouraging expression of that.

My opinion:  Starter Kit users, you are OK!!  Runrev, you are crazy 
as a fox!!

Dar Scott
Who started out on a Starter Kit

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