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Fri May 10 13:01:01 EDT 2002

>While I am using MC to do this, it does apply to Rev users as well.  I 
>am recording in a small app I made.  It works well except for on thing. 

>It does not create a reliable recording.  "recordinput" is a new command

>in 2.4.2 that allows you to set your audio input from within your 
>script.  Thanks for taking a look at this.  The actual recording stack 
>can be dowloaded from here:  
>   Anyone can have it if 
>they like.  I placed this in a button designed for recording:

A few suggestions:
1) Leave the recordinput as is, dflt (default), and set the input source
using the sound control panel if necessary.
2) Try using 'set the recording to false'..instead of 'stop recording'.
Both should work..but stop recording is undocumented.
3) Check the result of the record command.

record sound file tPath
if the result is not empty then answer result

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